Pardon my aberration, I be attacking different angles / Rapping isn't work, but now that rap's my work / I gotta make sure every verse on every jam I get's en fuego, woah / 


What is Plates?

Plates is an internationally minded experimental journal.

Plates cares about art, design, writing, and community.

Plates aims to stimulate dialogue around art, design, and writing in all facets of life, from the tectonic to the kitchen.

Plates aims to generate creative energies among critical thinkers in art, design, and writing.

Plates is a platform for the mentorship of emerging writers, and the continued support of established writers.

Plates welcomes bilingual submissions.

Plates publishes three print editions per year.

Plates makes all print editions available online.

Plates is edited by Casey Carsel and designed by Unyimeabasi Udoh.
︎ ︎ ©Plates 2021
︎ ︎ ©Plates 2021